Solar Lighting Lithium Ion Battery

- Apr 23, 2018-

Today, solar energy is widely used throughout the world, and solar street lamps are rapidly developing. So, what advantages does GSLIBATT  solar street light lithium iron phosphate battery could satisfy customers  from Europe, the US, and Australia high technical requirement for their solar lighting projects?


The advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery compared to traditional lead-acid batteries:

1, green environmental protection: the entire battery production process, the use of the battery and waste battery processing are not harmful, do not cause pollution to the environment, satisfy North America, Europe strict environmental protection requirements. 

2, light weight, small size: the same voltage capacity of the battery weight is equivalent to only one-third of lead-acid batteries, two-thirds volume, easy installation.  

3. Long service life: The lithium battery pack has a cycle life of more than 1200 cycles and no memory effect. It can be used in deep cycles. Its statistical service life is 4 times that of lead-acid batteries. It does not require professional maintenance during use.

4, the charging time is short: 3 to 5 hours to full, suitable for a short time you can fully fill the battery occasions.


5, safe and reliable: Compared to other materials of lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery material safety, is the choice of electric vehicles, solar energy storage batteries. 


The above is the advantages of solar street lamp lithium iron phosphate battery, GSLIBATT solar lithium iron phosphate battery charge and discharge cycles is up to 2500 times with DOD 100% & 80% capacity left.  It has also advantaged as long life, high safety, high temperature resistance. At the same time, The original intelligent equalization technology and intelligent dual (software and hardware) protection technology are used to make GSLIBATT lifepo4 battery life longer.  

Solar lighting lithium battery we have two types ,one is aluminium case , the other is Lead acid battery ABS case. Pictures as bellow:



The aluminium case main capacity is solar lighting lifepo4 battery 12.8v 30ah , 12.8v 40ah, 50ah ;lithium battery 11.1v 30ah, 40ah ,50ah

And solar lighting lithium battery capacity is  12v 20ah, 12v 30ah,12v 40ah ,12v 50ah ,12v 60ah,12v 80ah, 12v 100ah or could be customized.


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