Shocked! Once This Battery Technology Is Applied To The Electric Vehicles Industry, The Recent Battery Giants Will Get Down!

- Jan 10, 2018-

Recently, China Zhejiang University Department of Polymer Science and Engineering superb team developed a new aluminum - graphene battery. This battery could work in the minus 40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius environment- well for both high temperature and anti-cold.

In minus 30 degrees Celsius environment, this new battery can achieve 1,000 charge and discharge performance diminished, and in the 100 degrees Celsius environment, it can achieve 4.5 million stability cycles . The new battery is flexible and retains its full capacity after it is bent 10,000 times, and it does not catch fire or explode even when it is exposed to flames.

After testing, graphene positive electrode capacity of 120mAh / g (mAh per gram), after 25 million charge and discharge cycles can still maintain the capacity of 91%; at the same time its rate performance is high too, fast charging can be filled within 1.1 seconds, and still have a reversible capacity of 111mAh / g.


Aluminum-graphene batteries lit up the LED string "ZJU120"

Compared to lithium batteries, advanced research team developed aluminum - graphene battery shows obvious advantages: With repeated charging and discharging, the specific capacitance would decline, which is the saying goes, "not durable." However, aluminum-graphene batteries play well in this point. If a charge - discharge is called as a cycle, after 250,000 cycles, this battery reversible capacity is still as high as 91%, almost no loss.

“This aluminum-graphene 'super' battery has much higher rate performance and longer cycle life than other batteries, offering higher energy density, comparable rate performance and cycle life than super capacitors. "Said Gaochao.It means if this technology would be used on phone, Charging 5 seconds to talk 2 hours is absolutely possible.

However, Gaochao said that “it is still have a long the distance for the technology used as real commercialization,it needs more scientists to work hard and investment to be achieved.”:

Gaochao said it still had much room to improve the current cathode reversible capacity, output voltage and area load ability , the current energy density was not enough to rival lithium-ion batteries ,in the future it still needed to maintain high power density and improve the energy density.

In addition, the current classic ionic liquid electrolyte is expensive, if cheaper electrolytes could be found, the business prospects of aluminum ion batteries would be more broad.

If the successful development of this new battery technology could be applied to electric vehicle battery development, it would inevitably cause industry shake and solve the battery charging time and electric vehicle battery capacity completely.