Segway And Segway Battery

- Jan 12, 2018-

Segway is a power-driven, self-balancing personal transport vehicle that is a vehicle for the city. Developed by the team of American inventor Dean Kamen and his DEKA Research and Development Corp., and founded Segway LLC. Since December 2001 Segway commercial production and sales. Although once regarded as epoch-making invention of science and technology promising, but due to many realistic factors, Segway's products did not get the expected response after the listing.

In early 2002, American inventor Dean Carmen set forth a newly invented self-balancing single-foot glide device called the "Segway Human Transporter" that will have a revolutionary impact on the future of human travel.

Because Segway is a new type of transportation never seen before, it is difficult to define its type using traditional classification. Some people think Segway should be a two-wheeled version of the Unicycle, some people think it should be a kind of powered scooter (Stand-up Scooter), but it is a single-axle two-wheel design, and biaxial Two-wheeled traditional scooters are somewhat different. In some of the more formal occasions (such as official road regulations), Segway is also known as the Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD), commonly known as electric mobility scooter.

Segway's product name "Segway" originated from the English word "Segue," meaning "smooth and smooth walking" to describe the means of transport that allow people to ride unimpeded in the city.


Segway battery replacement

The self-balancing one-legged gliders have been called "Ginger" and "Information Technology (It)" until they have met the public. Carmen believes it has the potential to shorten the journey, replacing the car, changing the city's tourist prospects.

First of all, the user should stand on a flat plate supported by two wheels and grasp a bicycle-like handle. Then learn how to move the scooter back and forth, and turn the handle to rotate the direction. The car is equipped with dual wheels, controlled by a gyroscope, with a width that does not exceed the shoulder width of an average adult weighing 80 pounds and is battery-powered. The car does not require a brake or throttle lever in operation. When the driver leans forward, the locomotive advances; when the driver's body is upright, the locomotive stops. Segway uses the principle of dynamic balance, when the body moves, the center of gravity in the action will continue to change and reach equilibrium. Just as the human body loses its balance when standing forward, but the body's natural balance organs will tell the brain of this situation, and the brain orders to move to maintain balance. Segway replaced the function of the foot with a wheel, replicating the high-precision human balance. Segway low cost, quiet and mobile movement, the power source for the two NiMH rechargeable batteries, and equipped with electronic charging system, fully charged average life of 16 km above. Some people call it "Segway manpower transport scooter", some called "Segway human transport aircraft", some Americans and the media unified it referred to as Segway.

So what let segway go ?it is the segway battery.The battery capacity is 73.6v 6.4ah,composed by 3.2V 18650 LIFEPO4 CELLS 23S4P 92 pieces cells,

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Segway battery 73.6v 6.4h

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