48v ESS Lifepo4 Lithium-ion Battery Pack

- Apr 24, 2018-

48v ESS lifepo4 lithium-ion battery pack

GSLIBATT is a company that designs and provides lithium battery pack systems for industrial applications and products. The company is committed to the development of high-power, high-energy, long-life, high-performance and safe advanced lithium-ion battery modules and systems; to provide a full range of new energy solutions for next-generation power grids and industrial applications.Our lithium and lifepo4 battery pack can be widely used in smart grids, new energy stabilization systems, energy storage systems in power plants and substations, photo-voltaic energy storage systems, telecommunications power systems, industrial control power systems, medical systems, logistics and handling systems, electric vehicle systems, etc . With the features of fuel saving, environmental protection, light weight and high efficiency, compared with the traditional lead-acid battery, it has the advantages of higher performance, longer life, lighter weight and lower overall cost of use.

The company's current production of ESS 48V lithium battery is easy to install, easy management, maintenance-free smart battery system, has the following advantages:
1.10 years of long service life;

2. Modular design, multi- parallel connection, small size, light weight;

3.0.3% high-precision full-range current sampling, 8 section temperature monitoring;

4.Safe and reliable multi-level protection mode;

5.Strong balance ability, make up short board, effectively guarantee battery capacity;

6. Support real-time SOC report, high-precision battery capacity estimation;

7. Support large current charge and discharge: 75A (1.5C) continuous discharge; 100A (2C) can beDischarge for 3 minutes;

8. High-performance processor design, dual CPU configuration, high system reliability;

9. With a variety of communication interfaces (RS485, RS232, CAN);

10. Using multi-level energy management, standby, sleep power Low consumption;

11. The power interface is fool-proof design, the wiring is more convenient and reliable;

12. Multi- parallel with automatic addressing function, no manual operation

The ESS 48V Li-ion battery applications used to include, but is not limited to: 

Photovoltaic energy storage systems

• Solar energy storage systems

 • Grid energy storage systems

 • Substation energy storage systems

 • Home energy storage System

 Factory energy storage system

Building energy storage system

 Communication base station energy storage system

Distributed energy storage system · ...

GSLIBAT company's core scientific research and technology team has served for many years in the famous lithium multinational company - the United States A123system Asia Pacific R & D and Engineering Application Center for many years, and has a large number of advanced technical personnel with rich lithium battery system development experience, from the international ding lithium battery multinational company (A123,Technical experts such as GE, BOSCH, etc., include top-level design, development, and manufacturing talents in electrical systems, electronic controls, mechanical structure design, thermal design, software engineering development, system integration testing, and core battery system manufacturing and testing processes. With complete advanced lithium battery system technology development experience and capabilities and a number of invention patents.

Our company can provide customers with specific high-standard, high-performance lithium battery system products and solutions for specific industries based on specific customer requirements. According to the customer's requirements, we can design and provide various capacity (50Ah, 200Ah, 400Ah, 800Ah...), shape, and size of the products. The product can include a complete structural design, with multi-level circuit protection and monitoring, with Lithium battery system for intelligent management of various software functions.