18650 Or Prismatic Battery,which Is Better ?

- Nov 11, 2018-

Due to the high degree of automation, stable stability and high replace ability of the 18650 lithium-ion battery, the 18650 battery has an unparalleled unique advantage in the modularization and standardization of system development. It can effectively reduce production costs and save labor. In addition to the old Tesla, etc. have also joined the R & D team of 18650 battery models. According to industry insiders, there will be more models in the future that "fall in love" with the 18650 battery, driving a disruptive change in the way the 18650 battery is used.

Talking about the pre-PACK detection process of cylindrical lithium ion power battery

However, everything has its two-sidedness, and the pros and cons are the norm. In addition to the above advantages, the 18650 battery can not be ignored. The biggest drawback of the 18650 battery is that its single battery capacity is low, generally around 2~4Ah. Therefore, the number of batteries required for the entire electric vehicle is very large. For example, Tesla vehicles need 7000-8000 18650 batteries. The ground is connected into a module. With so many batteries, battery management is more complicated and consistent.


In many fields such as electric vehicles, the inconsistency of the battery affects the performance of the battery and may even bring some safety hazards.


When lithium-ion batteries are used in series or in parallel in series or in parallel, the safety problems can be basically controlled. However, when lithium-ion batteries are used in large-scale groups, especially when used as electric vehicles, the safety problems will be more prominent. When lithium-ion batteries are used in groups, due to the large number of monomers and complex structure, the uniformity matching and consistency management problems of the monomers are more difficult, which makes the "short board" batteries in the battery pack prone to excessive aging and thus in use. Safety incidents are more likely to occur during the process.

Therefore, in order to solve the safety problem of the lithium ion battery pack, while improving the safety of the battery cell, starting from the perspective of the battery pack system, it is very necessary and urgent to strengthen the lithium ion battery group safety technology.

So which battery is better for electric vehicles ?18650 cells or prismatic battery cell ?

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