18650 Lithium Battery, Polymer Lithium Battery: Which Is Safer?

- Aug 24, 2018-

18650 lithium battery, polymer lithium battery: Which is safer?

It seems that the popular public opinion is that polymer lithium batteries are safer and are said to never explode. According to my understanding, the more reliable statement of polymer lithium batteries is mainly from the manufacturers of Taobao Shanzhai mobile power, using polymer lithium batteries as a selling point to attack products using 18650 batteries.

Everyone can use the "battery explosion" as the key word, the main news related to the mobile phone, and now the mobile phone, can not find the non-polymer lithium battery model, so the polymer lithium battery compared The 18650 lithium battery is safer to say that it is untenable, and there is no such thing as an absolute explosion. In addition to individual extreme explosion cases, the bulging phenomenon is almost a common problem with polymer lithium batteries.


Of course, the polymer lithium battery has its unique and 18650 (cylindrical) lithium battery is completely irreplaceable: square flat, which makes it play a role in thin and light portable electronic devices, in addition to everyone's highly dependent mobile phones, ultra-thin notebooks Polymer lithium batteries are also used. Whether its security is high or low, as long as we can't do without the phone, it's in your hand or trouser pocket.

Fortunately, the star models of mainstream mobile phone brands are almost all Japanese and Korean batteries. They are all from international manufacturers. The overall security is very high. You don't have to worry about this in daily use.


Turning back to the 18650 lithium battery, this "old" battery, which is often attacked by various cottage mobile power manufacturers, is still widely used in various electronic devices, such as mobile power. In fact, in high-end applications, such as professional imaging equipment, laptop batteries, 18650 has been the main role, the large-scale application of Tesla electric vehicles has enhanced the high security image of this battery.

The 18650 lithium battery has mature technology, good consistency and high capacity density. It has the advantage that polymer lithium batteries cannot be replaced in large-capacity hybrid applications.

So, what choices should we make when we need to consider the type of battery in our daily lives? Or take mobile power as an example, the personal point of view is: choose a well-known battery supplier's products, such as: Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, domestic Lishen, BAK, Changjiang, Zhuoneng, etc. also have a certain scale of strength The brand, security also has a relatively high guarantee. The safety of the battery core lies mainly in the quality control of the manufacturer, not whether it is a polymer or a normal lithium battery.


By the way, a widely accepted misconception is made that the polymer lithium battery does not mean that it is lighter and thinner. Lightness or thickness has always been closely related to energy density. Whether the battery is cylindrical or square, there is no significant difference in the volumetric weight of the same capacity lithium polymer battery and 18650 lithium battery during the same period.


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