18650 Lithium Battery

- Aug 16, 2018-

18650 lithium battery is not charged, what is going on?

The 18650 lithium battery is a commonly used lithium battery in electronic products, and is often used as a battery core in the battery of a notebook computer. When we use it, we find that sometimes the 18650 lithium battery is not charged. Let's analyze the reason.

1. The electrode contact of the battery is dirty, and the contact resistance is too large, causing the voltage drop to be too large. When the battery is charged, the host thinks that it is full and stops charging;

2. The internal charging circuit is faulty and cannot be charged normally; 

3.18650 lithium battery internal failure.


18650 battery charging does not enter the power solution

1. The charger interface is aging or the charger itself is damaged. Replace the new charger test.

2, the charging hole metal is oxidized to cause poor contact, which is a hardware failure, need to contact the after-sales detailed inspection and maintenance.

3. There is a problem with the quality of the charging cable and replace the new one.

4, the battery itself has been exhausted or damaged, you can directly replace the battery.


18650 lithium battery repair principle

Repair principle 1: The metal surface of the lithium battery used for a long time will have a certain degree of oxidation, resulting in poor contact between the mobile phone battery and the mobile phone. The lithium battery is used for a short time, and the rubber surface or other cleaning tools can erase the surface. Rust substances, make the battery and mobile phone contact better.


Repair principle 2: Low temperature can change the electrolyte inside the lithium battery, and promote the chemical reaction of the battery that has just been frozen. The use of lithium batteries is actually a charging and discharging process. During this period, the negative and positive charges in the battery collide with each other. The reason why the battery is becoming more and more useless is because under normal room temperature, the internal kinetic energy of the electron is relatively large, so the battery is in an active state and the leakage is relatively frequent. When the lithium battery is placed in a low temperature environment, the lithium film on the surface of the lithium battery and the microstructure of the electrolyte, and their interfaces will change significantly, resulting in a temporary inactivity of the battery and a decrease in leakage current. Therefore, after recharging, the waiting time of the mobile phone will increase.


The lithium battery has a cycle life of about 600 times. If the number of times of charging is increased, the thermal motion of the molecule will gradually destroy the internal molecular arrangement microstructure, and the storage charge efficiency will gradually decrease. The "freezing process is easy to damage the original internal structure of the battery, and may increase the capacity to charge the charge in a short period of time, but long-term use may not be effective." Once the microstructure of the lithium battery is destroyed, it is impossible to completely recover it. Long-term use of this method will accelerate the loss of the mobile phone battery.


Repair principle 3: Deep discharge of the mobile phone is to achieve deeper recharge by depleting internal energy, which requires some unconventional methods. Try to connect the phone to a 1.5V small light bulb, and the internal power of the lithium battery will be transferred to the small light bulb until it is all light. “The mobile phone needs to slowly run out of power through a lower voltage. Under normal circumstances, if the mobile phone is connected below the rated voltage of 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down.” After the battery is discharged, the rechargeable battery can be used again. Long time.


18650 lithium battery repair method

1. Take all your batteries out and take them down. Use temperature treatment. The battery will greatly shorten the use time when the temperature is unstable. Because the battery is not charged, and a considerable part of the lithium ions have been used for memory. This method can make a part of the memory power release, winter is over, put it outside for a while, then go to the house.


2, there is a way to remove the battery, put it for about a week, the electricity will be slowly consumed, you need to use the machine to completely consume the electricity. Then fully rush, it is estimated that your current charging time must be very short, after the full, disconnected and rushed, repeated several times, absolutely effective.