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Sanyo battery in stock ,authentic 18650 cells stock with ROHS, MSDS, UL, CE BIS ,KC approved, the following is the battery cell 3.7v , if you need other capacity cells or battery pack please contact with us : Product: Rechargeable lithium battery Brand: Sanyo (SANYO) Model Number: 18650 Voltage:...

Product Details

Sanyo battery in stock ,authentic 18650 cells stock with ROHS, MSDS, UL, CE BIS ,KC approved, the following  is the battery cell 3.7v ,if you  need other capacity cells or battery pack please contact with us .

Product details

Product: Rechargeable lithium battery
 Brand: Sanyo (SANYO)
 Model Number: 18650
 Voltage: Standard  3.6-3.7V, full of 4.2V, 2.75V is done
 Internal resistance: 35 to  50 millio hms
 Capacity: 2600mah
 Dimensions: Diameter 18mm,  length 65mm
 Uses: laptop battery for  the core, high-end tactical flashlight, mobile device backup power, you can do  all kinds of rechargeable battery packs
 Life: 1000 times
 Special  note: lithium batteries for flashlights, and  then use a new battery before charging, lithium batteries do not overcharge and  over-discharge, the battery is fully charged after stop, please charge  immediately when the battery is low, otherwise the lithium battery can be  easily damaged or even cause scrapped. (Full voltage is not higher than 4.2V,  the discharge voltage is preferably not less than 3V
 There are number of uses  lithium batteries is limited, usually about 800 times. Each filled with a  battery or electricity once every run, it will shorten life.

Lithium batteries - features 
 A. High Energy Density 
 Weight of the lithium-ion battery is half of the same  capacity nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium  volume is 40-50%, and 20-30% nickel hydrogen. 
 B. High Voltage 
 An operating voltage of the lithium-ion battery cells for  3.7V (mean value), the equivalent of three series of nickel-cadmium or nickel  metal hydride batteries. 
 C. pollution 
 Lithium-ion batteries do not contain harmful metals such as  cadmium, lead, mercury and the like. 
 D. contain lithium 
 Lithium-ion batteries do not contain lithium metal, and thus  not subject to restrictions on the Prohibition of the transport aircraft  carrying lithium batteries in passenger and other rules. 
 E. cycle life high 
 Under normal conditions, the lithium-ion battery charge and  discharge cycles can be more than 500 times. 
 F. No memory effect 
 Memory effect refers to the nickel-cadmium  batteries during charge and discharge cycles, the battery capacity decrease.Lithium-ion batteries are not the existence of such effects. 
 G. Fast Charge 
 Use a rated voltage of 4.2V constant-current  constant-voltage lithium-ion battery charger can get a full charge within one  to two hours.







Battery production process

battery cell cabinet

All batteries need a second sub-capacity,to ensure the battery capacity.1. Automatic sorting machine

High-tech machine,advanced technology,ensure the battery cells we need in the same weight, internal resistance, voltage, capacity

2. Bracket combination

Used the most secure combination of brackets, good cooling effect and more reliable.

3. Battery spot welding

Pure nickel spot welding, small internal resistance large over-currrent.

4. BMS systerm

With over charge protection over discharge protection. Excess charge current protection.

5. Epoxy board packaging

Flat and beautiful appearance. Security protection.

6. Charge and discharge test

Aging test,charge and discharge cycle testing for each battery pack, we guarantee to the customer each battery pack with the best quality.

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