Li-ion Battery 25.2V for Robot Lawnmower

Li-ion battery 25.2v for Robot Lawnmower with ROHS, MSDS, UL, CE BIS ,KC approved, the following is the battery pack 25.2v 6.9ah. if you need other capacity battery pack please contact with us . Technical data for robot lawnmower li ion battery: Payment and shipment: Lithium Ion Batteries we...

Product Details

Li-ion  battery 25.2v for Robot Lawnmower with ROHS, MSDS, UL, CE BIS ,KC approved, the following  is the battery pack 25.2v 6.9ah.

if you need other capacity battery pack please contact  with us .

Technical data for robot lawnmower li ion battery:

Nominal Voltage


Nominal capacity


Discharge cut-off voltage


Charge cut-off    voltage


Max. constant working current


Peak Current


PCM protection board

IC is Seiko brand

MOS is AOS brand

Working temperature



black case


CE, RoHS, UN38.3



Payment and shipment:

Payment terms

T/T, Western union, Paypal

Lead time

Sample order: 3-5 working days

Normal order: 10-15 working days 

Shipping way

Air Express or sea transportation


CE, RoHS, UL, UN38.3


12 months

Lithium  Ion Batteries

we offer lithium ion battery, 11.1v li ion  battery pack, 18650 lithium ion battery, iPhone series battery, robot lawn  mower replacement battery, 3.7 v lithium-ion rechargeable battery, li-ion battery  and lithium ion battery pack for various applications.

Batteries  Pack Main Specifications and Pictures 

Li-Ion-battery - 7.5Ah  (25.2V) for lawn mowers robots replaces Zucchetti CS-C0106-1

This compatible replacement battery from the brand Mass power  is suitable for use in your lawn mower or lawn robot.
 You can continue to use your previous charger as long as it  is comptabile with the battery (Li-Ion - 25.2 V). Our batteries also contain  protection against overcharging and overheating to ensure that the battery can  be charged safely. This battery is also perfect for use as a second battery.
 To ensure compatibility, please check under "Replace the  following original battery types" and/or "Suitable for the following  device models", to see whether your garden tool is listed there.
 Not an original product, high-quality, compatible accessory  from the brand .
Content of delivery:

  • 1 x battery with plastic case

Technical details:

  • Battery type: Li-Ion - no  memory-effect, long cycles

  • capacity: 7.5Ah

  • Nominal voltage: 25.2 V

  • Max. Charge voltage:聽29.3V卤0.1V

  • colour: black

Suitable for the following device  models:

  • Agro : R800Li

  • Alpina : 124563

  • Alpina : AR 1 500

  • Alpina : AR2 1200

  • Alpina : AR2 600

  • Ambrogio : Alex

  • Ambrogio : L30

  • Ambrogio : L30 Elite

  • Ambrogio : L50

  • Ambrogio : L60 Basic 2.0

  • Ambrogio : L60 Blacktech 2.0

  • Ambrogio : L75

  • Ambrogio : L85 Deluxe Edition

  • Ambrogio : Robby de Luxe

  • Efco Sirius : 1200

  • Efco Sirius : 700

  • Stiga Autoclip : 125

  • Stiga Autoclip : 127

  • Stiga : 1126-9105-01

  • Tech Line : D7

  • Wiper Blitz : 2.0 Evolution L60

  • Wiper Blitz : X

  • Wiper : C Xe

  • Wiper : Ciiky XE

  • Wiper : Ciiky XH

  • Wiper : J Xe

  • Wiper : Joy

  • Wiper : Joy Xe

  • Wiper : Runner X-C1

  • Wiper Runner : L-XE

  • Wiper Runner : L-XH

  • Wiper Runner : L-XK

  • Wiper Runner : X-C2

 Replaces the following original battery types:

  • Stiga : 1126-1032-01

  • Zucchetti : CS-C0106-1

In our further offers you will also find accessories such as  chargers, power cables, cables, adapters or other tools for your lawnmower and  lawn robot or lawn trimmer, as well as for your other electronic devices.

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